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Ice Age Role-Playing Game

Alrighty, as some of you have expressed an interest in starting up an Ice Age RPG (role-playing game), I thought I'd put it to a vote...


FORMAT: First things first mammals, we'll have to decide on the RPGs format. The DBZ RPG I have going is a bit unorthodox (heheh, pun) so I'd really appreciate it if you more experienced roleplayers tell me what you're used to. We can play in this community, or I can start up a new community specifically for the game. We can put that to a vote. I'm voting new comm because we'll need a bit of space to post bios/story plots etc.

CHARACTERS: We'll have to think of a fair way to decide who's playing who. Any ideas? Personally I'd love to play Sid, but if there's someone really desperate to RP him, we can put it to a vote or something. I'm sure there will be a few people desperate to play Diego, so it may be a case of first come first serve. And we'll have to decide if OCs (original characters) are allowed. Considering there are only six main characters, I think we should ^^; We can always put a limit on how many OCs a player can RP.

STORY: We can discuss a story once everything else is sorted, but I know most of you want to play a Alternative Universe high-school game ^_- So get posting and tell me what you think!
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