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Human Ice Age

This is my Idea for how human Ice Age charicters well look.
PS:I have them as teens.

Diego:secend oldest arter Manny.Tall,Athletic,Long Durty blond hare little past his sholders tied back for sports.
Dress like a the track(he and manny are the fastest),wressling,and ther school has boxing,Sid got him into swimming.Plays gutar.lives alown after old gang was arested(Sotos gang the sabers).Still has the jacet.

Manny:Oldest of all of them.Lives alone after famley died.
messy long brown hare.Big but not fat.alote of muscel.
Dress casurl dark brown colers.In wresiling,Track,football.
Hated Diego at ferst but relised they wer bolth loners and got along grate with him.Him and Diego put up with sid caus they know he is just as lounley as they are.

Sid:Shrimpey,slocher.Casurl brite colers.Tuf of tan hare.Into swiming,Debate,track.Gave the "Gang"thre nicnames.

Manny "The moody Mamith" Mc Alister
Diego "The Saber" Cortez
Sid " The sloth" Lozalsky

I well do soto,Elli,and The oposums later.
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