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Ice Age Calenge:Embarassing moment

Famdom:Ice Age
Chariters:Diego and the herd

Disclamer:I do not own Ice Age,Diego,Manny,Sid,Elie,or Crash and Eddy

It all started wen the herd us relaxing after a long day of walking.Elie and manny cuddled in a corner and watchd Crash and Eddy play with sid. Diego who was trying to avoid the twins games was takeing a cat nap in a bit of sun.

"Hay,Crash Eddy" called to his brother who was using sid as a pinata."Do you think Diego purrs?"
"I don't Know lets find out"
"No your not!"ordered Elie as she wrapped her trunk around them.
"Diego's had a big day and you two are going to leave him alone."
The moment she let go they started to run tord's the sleeping feline.
"Ok,But I'm not going to stop him from eating you."

The two looked at ther sister and back at one another then went to find sid.

The next day diego "excidently" fell in to a frozen lake.
He was freezing and manny managed to talk him into laying next to him.
Afeue minets after he fell aslleep a deep rumbling started to fill the cave where they were staying.
Every one looked at the napping tiger who had a wide peace full grin on his face and was cuddling with Manny.

His eyes flashed open, an every one just sared at One anoyher.
Then Crash started to lafe folowd by Eddy and Sid.Even Manny and Elie were giggling.
Every one went quiet went Diego roared then ran off.

Manny folowd his friend because wen Diego ran Manny could have sworn he had seen tears in the Sabers eyes.

I'm going to finish this later.
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